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PharmaCareCard, LLC

The PharmaCareCard provides fertility medication discounts to ALL patients. PharmaCareCard® is a cash only program with significant discounts on medication for patients, egg donors, and when needed, surrogates.
(One card per patient).

It's as easy as...

  1. $25 Enrollment Fee paid online.
  2. Fill your prescription at Schraft's 2.0 pharmacy.
  3. Receive your discounts immediately.

PharmaCareCard® Cost, Terms and Summary of Benefits

Enrollment Fee
$25 enrollment fee.
Enrollment Term
PharmaCareCard® remains in effect for the duration of your process and treatment with your IVF doctor.
Savings for IVF Patients, Surrogates and Egg Donors
$100 Discount on each $1,000 purchase of fertility medication.
Savings for IVF Patients, Surrogates, Egg Donors and IVF Pregnancy Hormone Replacement
Schraft's 2.0 pharmacy will assist you on maximizing your savings, utilizing any coupons and programs that apply.

In addition, Schraft's 2.0 will determine if your insurance will assist you.

Patient or Doctor must call, fax or bring prescriptions to Schraft's 2.0 with PharmaCareCard ID for fulfillment.

Once you have enrolled in the PharmaCareCard®, Fertility Medication Financing may be applied for today!